E-business Academy

Sofia, Bulgaria

E-business Academy (Bulgaria)
Type of organisation: Small and medium sized enterprise


Е-business Academy is a private educational and consulting organisation specializing in adult education in the field of entrepreneurship, e-business and e-marketing, as well as life and business coaching, mentoring, career guidance, motivational and inspirational trainings. In our work we use innovative psychological and coaching instruments like mindfulness, meditations, visualisations, NeuroGraphica®, NeuroDesign (www.anvbs.com), oilfinger panting etc. We also place a special focus on the emotional intelligence and working with metaphors, developing the imagination, paradigmatic analysis.

Our main goal is to empower small business owners, self-employed people and individuals with specific skills and hobbies to grow both on personal and professional levels, to go online, to present themselves, build their personal brand and use all the advantages of the digital technologies in the best possible way. In order to achieve our goal we organize events, trainings and workshops where we present the existing opportunities and motivate our trainees to go further and get the knowledge they need. We equip our trainees with the knowledge needed and support them on their way in building new businesses, career change, etc.

Our experts employ a widely recognized skills and competencies in vocational and adult training, project management and realization. They have years of experience in the field of ICT, digital learning, online marketing, organization of trainings, coaching and mentoring.

In 2013 our team created the project “The small e-business – successful and effective” which focuses on improving the internet presence and the use of digital tools for small companies, self-employed people and individuals. 9 years later, thanks to the voluntary work of our colleagues from different companies and educational institutions, the initiative is still alive and empowers more and more people to get familiar with state of the art digital tools and tools for personal and career growth.

Some of our most popular programs are:

  1. “NeuroFacilitation” – business trainings for companies and executives: – Forming the company’s mission; Building a system of values for the organization; Increasing the tone of motivation in the team; Mobilization of personal and team potential; Organization of communication; Strengthening social ties and conflicts mediation; Revealing creativity; Discovery and implementation of business solutions; The myth and capitalization of your company’s history.
  2. “Social and Emotional Intelligence” – offered for companies, individuals, groups.
  3. “Neurographica® for everyone” – series of workshops using neurographical drawing with focus on stress relief, personal awareness and growth, career growth, leadership, motivation etc.


In the last few years an increasing proportion of our trainings focuses on personal development, authenticity, unlocking personal potential, reducing stress levels, stress management and the personal and professional wellbeing of our learners. In all programs and trainings related to career guidance, entrepreneurship, marketing, motivation, goal setting we also include special modules on time management, stress management, personal balance and harmonization. Our team strongly believes that a well-balanced, happy and harmonious personality is the main prerequisite for achieving success and reducing stress in the family, in the team, in the business. Additional stress we put on the development of the social and emotional intelligence of individuals and teams.


Gergana Deenichina

Online entrepreneur; e-business and e-marketing consultant with 20 years of experience; business trainer; trainer in soft skills, personal growth, personal branding; certified life and executive coach; certified NeuroGraphica®, NeuroDesign and Neurofacilitation® coach and trainer; certified coach and trainer in Emotional Intelligence, certified Human design coach. Gergana is one of the founding members of DLEARN – The European Digital Learning Network and also member of the EURORESO network, implementing huge number of European funded projects – www.euroreso.eu. Gergana has vast experience in working as coordinator, project and dissemination manager in Erasmus+ projects: KA2 partnerships: GREENWAVE: Youth driven digital transformation of green employments for a sustainable future; ACT4WOMEN – Activating entrepreneurial mindsets and social change; BALANCE Green and Stable – Bringing Sustainability and Environmental Action Together for Better Future; PBRAND4ALL – Personal branding for everyone, MELI – Media Literacy for parents; FUTURE – Foster mUltiply and connect adUlt Education; EXPERTOUR – Digital and marketing tools for professionals in the field of experiential tourism; REDIAPRO – Revival of disappearing architectural professions (rediapro.com); WPC – Women Power Code (https://womenpowercode.eu); ARCHIDICT – A multilingual interactive architecture dictionary and educational tool.

Velina Dragiyska

Velina Dragiyska has a master’s degree in law and has worked in the field of social entrepreneurship since 2014 with a strong focus on women’s rights and equality aspect. As a director of a Belgian NGO (2016-2018) she was a development coach of 13 social enterprises and a sustainability strategy consultant on international level, with a special focus on SDG 5 – Gender equality. She is leading the project Step towards Independece, which is supporting endangered young women who are exiting the Bulgarian social system care by providing them with education on labor legislation, self-employment, financial literacy and participate in exercise for recognition and reaction of non-physical and physical violence. Velina is a co-founder of couple social entrepreneurship projects in Bulgaria – Kidz Welcome, Inspire BG, Bulgarian Wings, Levcheto (in collaboration), Give Forward. In addition, Velina has experience as a business coach and consultant gained in E-academy. Her facilitation experience includes 37 conferences, 4 of which she was an agenda manager. As a consultant, she has been involved in business design and business modeling of more than 30 ideas. As well she was a trainer at Erasmus + KA1 projects in the topics of practical entrepreneurship and business models.