Meet The Partners

The partnership is organized in a way that covers the necessary competencies for effective and successful implementation of the project.

The project consortium consists of six leading organisations with diverse fields of activity and expertise

Business Innovation Center INNOBRIDGE (Bulgaria)

Business Innovation Center INNOBRIDGE

Business and Innovation Centre INNOBRIDGE (“BIC INNOBRIDGE”) is a business support organization, which follows the methodology, collective experience and applies the know-how of the European Business and Innovation Centers Network (EBN). It is the first (and still the only one) accredited BIC by the EBN network in Bulgaria. BIC INNOBRIDGE’s main goal is to support and implement entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives at all stages of development.

Coordina Organización de Empresas y Recursos Humanos (Spain)

Coordina Organización de Empresas y Recursos Humanos

Coordina Organización de Empresas y Recursos Humanos (COORDINA) is a consulting firm which operates in the following business areas: Training, Innovation, Strategy and Management Systems, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources. The MISSION of COORDINA is to facilitate and promote the process of change and transformation of the organizations we work with, towards a more innovative and sustainable management model.

A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus)

A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd

‘Emphasys Centre’ was established in 1998 and is operating as a highly successful ‘Education, ICT Training (VET), Research and Development Centre, approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. It was set up with the vision to offer high quality LLL opportunities and digital solutions targeted to the needs of learners of all ages and abilities in order to upgrade their lives, ensure inclusion, access and participation in the digitalized society and the labour market.

VI One Consultancy (Netherlands)

VI One Consultancy

VIOne Consulting a private company established in 2019 focuses on the relationship between identity, social-cultural integration and subjective well-being of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands. Currently our interest concentrates on Art, Quality of Life, Wellbeing, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovative Education and Learning Communities.

E-business Academy (Bulgaria)

E-business Academy

Е-business Academy is a private educational and consulting organisation specializing in adult education in the field of entrepreneurship, e-business and e-marketing, as well as life and business coaching, mentoring, career guidance, motivational and inspirational trainings. In our work we use innovative psychological and coaching instruments like mindfulness, meditations, visualisations, NeuroGraphica®, NeuroDesign (, oilfinger panting etc.

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Euro organisations with extensive experience and expertise!

The partnership consists of 6 organisations from 5 European countries – Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain and Netherlands. The main selection criteria of partners included:

  • Previous experience in the thematic areas of the project;
  • International project management experience;
  • Technical skills and commitment; and
  • Capability to disseminate and exploit project results.



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