A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd

Nicosia, Cyprus

A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus)
Type of organisation: School/Institute/Educational centre – Adult education


‘Emphasys Centre’ was established in 1998 and is operating as a highly successful ‘Education, ICT Training (VET), Research and Development Centre, approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. It was set up with the vision to offer high quality LLL opportunities and digital solutions targeted to the needs of learners of all ages and abilities in order to upgrade their lives, ensure inclusion, access and participation in the digitalized society and the labour market. It is committed to promote the digital transformation and the green transition for a sustainable future. It is a member of the EU Digital Learning Network (DLEARN) and CONNECT–INTERNATIONAL networks.

Emphasys is adequately staffed by 16 F/T and 4 P/T committed and highly qualified professionals, both researchers and trainers, with extensive experience and complementary expertise covering a wide range of areas such as Computer Science, Business, Psychology, Sociology, Graphic Design, Architecture, Language (English, French and Spanish), Human Rights, Special Education etc.

Emphasys comprises of four main departments:

  1. ICT Training Department which offers a wide range of professional development courses, as well as upskilling courses for all learners related to the integration of emerging technologies in Education and VET Training, sustainable development and social innovation, entrepreneurship education and social inclusion. The courses are offered both at the national and EU level through the Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility website (https://erasmuscoursescyprus.com/). A custom-made platform (https://erasmuscoursescyprus.com/support-platform/) is developed offering to all participants access to additional material, resources, assessment tools, games, apps etc. relevant to the course of their choice. Emphasys is fully equipped with modern facilities and top of the range technology such as interactive boards, 75 inches’ flat screen TVs, gaming laptops, tablets, VR equipment (Oculus Rift S), Craftbot+ 3D Printers, a selection of robots (e.g., Edison, Lego Boost, Lego WeDo Lego Mindstorm, Arduino, Engino) etc. The STEAM UNIT offers project-driven related courses combining coding and robotics, 3D modelling and printing, Video/ Game design using, drones-technology and Artificial Intelligence. Emphasys has also a PROFESSIONAL RECORDING STUDIO for podcasts, webinars and web radio activities, as well as for digital marketing and video editing. The studio is fully equipped with all high tech resources and tools.
  2. Research Department which cooperates with an extensive network of partners across Europe for the preparation, implementation, management and coordination of research-based projects under a number of EU programmes such as the Erasmus+, AMIF, AAL, CERV, Horizon Europe. Its strong quality standards have let several of its project to be awarded as a GOOD PRACTICE PROJECTS by the EC such as the CODE@YOUTH and V-UPGRATES.
  3. Software Development Department which is involved in the development, pilot-testing and evaluation of various elearning tools, serious games, platforms, websites, applications and assessment portals etc. based on the needs of the various project being implemented. It has expertise in the design of games using VR, AR and AI functionalities. The VR Games are used for both learning, training and assessment purposes.
  4. Education Department which offers validated and certified IT courses accredited by national and EU examination boards such as the Cyprus Computer Society (ECDL – EQF Level 3-4), the national IT exams and the Cambridge University (GCE A Level Computer Science) for entering HEIs Emphasys offers also career guidance and counselling services to young people.

As part of its Social Corporate Responsibility Emphasys hosts the activities of ‘THE LEARNING HUB’ in cooperation with CitizensACT. The ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRE FOR MIGRANTS and the INTERNET CAFÉ FOR SENIORS are two popular initiatives.


Emphasys staff have educational backrounds in psychology and sociology, which are highly related to the specific project. Emphasys Centre works extensively with youth workers educators, professionals, adults, young people and aiming to equip them with digital, employability, entrepreneurial and life skills, both for personal and professional development.

Emphasys center has been developing and managing LMS platforms offering e-learning opportunities to professionals, educators and young people, as well as e-tools and e-assessment procedures. Its experience with the assessment and validation methodology of the Open Badges is substantial and it can be fully used for the project in order to offer transparent, valid and visible skills for the target group. Emphasys also offers career counselling to young people through the ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRE that runs on a weekly basis. The Research Centre has a strong network of partners, as a member of the DLEARN.

In addition, Emphasys is an authorized KA Learning Mobility Centre for professionals across all sectors offering a wide range of courses such as Safety on line, Empowerment, Conflict Management, Technology Tools for Educators, Robotics and Coding in Schools, Social Media Literacy etc. Through its participation in various projects in the Adult Sector Emphasys Centre has managed to develop a wide range of expertise and collected resources and tools to support a variety of target groups. Its cooperation with the Family Planning Association, the Cyprus Refugee Council and the Health Education Sector of the Ministry of Education will be valuable to this project, as well as with the Yannis Christodoulou Foundation.


Partner Employee Placeholder 1

Stelios Stylianou

Stelios Stylianou has completed his Bachelor degree in Criminology at the University of Durham, followed by an MSc in Psychological Studies at the University of Glasgow. After completing his studies, Stelios worked as a Mental Health Recovery Worker in Glasgow supporting adults with severe mental illnesses. During this time, Stelios developed strong links with various organisations while gaining valuable experience on the development of policies and practices related to the provision of care services for people in need. He is currently working as a Project Research Officer and is responsible for the implementation and management of Erasmus+ projects in the field of Adult, School and Youth sector.